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Cattle Drive

Sleep under clear open skies with a million stars, wake to the smell of coffee brewing, bacon frying and some of the most picturesque sunrises Nevada has to offer. Experience the West's quiet beauty from the back of a horse. The stress of everyday life will soon seem as distant as the city lights, as you and your fellow guests of the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive move 300 head of cattle for 5 days from Doyle , CA to Reno, NV. Thank you for your interest in the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive. Ever dream what it would be like to be on a real western cattle drive? Unlike a lot of cattle drives, our guests really experience what the cowboys of the 1800's did each day...with one exception. We have a few more comforts than the old-time cowboys had, to name a few; great food, nightly entertainment, and an open bar. cattledrive1 On the first day, you will meet your fellow guests, be put into teams, and be driven out to our first camp in Doyle, California. There you will meet your team's guest drover, set up your tent, and stow your gear. Afterwards, you will get to know your wagon and the teamsters that operate it. Each year, we have, by invitation, several authentic 1800's covered wagons, pulled by teams of either mules or draft horses. These wagons haul our guests gear from camp to camp and add a feeling of the old west. You will be introduced to your horse and take a short ride to make sure all is ready for the next day. That afternoon, your team's guest drover will teach you how to rope and be available to answer all your questions. (You may NO LONGER bring your own horse.)

Each night, you will be treated to the best chuckwagon cuisine, west of the Mississippi with entertainment around the campfire. The second morning we begin our journey to Reno. A hearty breakfast awaits you before the cattle are turned loose on open range where the guests, drovers and cowboys take up their spots on the her and it's Reno here we come! After about two hours in the saddle, we break for an hour lunch and then it's back on the trail for another two hours before we reach our camp for the night. The third day, you are in the saddle for three to four hours before and after lunch. This all depends on how fast the cattle are traveling, which depends on their conditioning and the weather. During this day, you may see wild horses and antelope, which roam Nevada's rangeland. Our camp this evening is in a valley where the sunsets and sunrises are usually something post cards are made of. After dinner one lucky guest will be elected by his or her fellow guests to be the trail boss. As the new trail boss, this person will have the job of getting the herd to the next camp for the following day. See our teams.

On the fourth day our guests put what they have learned to good use. This is your day to get the herd to the next camp. This day usually 8 hours with an hour out for lunch. Remember we have wagons, which our guests our welcome to ride in all day or half a day, should you choose to. Experiencing a wagon ride is a rare treat. A person realizes what the early settlers must have felt like rolling across the west. This night is usually the hardest as it is the last night we will be together. Friendships have formed, and tomorrow it is back to the real world. An award for the top hand and rookie of the year are presented to the winning guests. These awards are voted on our guest drovers and cowboys. As a special treat after the entertainment, some or your fellow guests will share their special talents. Singing, poetry, joke telling, are just some of what our guests have shared with us in the past. On our fifth and last day we meet the herd on a high flat where we take up our spots along the herd for the last time and begin a 4 hour ride that ends with bringing 300 head into Reno to the rodeo grounds. Both the media and the public line the streets to watch a part of the old west re-enacted as once again our guests have brought the herd home. During a luncheon, which is held, as soon as the cattle are safely in their pens, family and friends are invited as lunch is served and parting gifts are presented to all our guest. Also the photographer, which has recorded the last 5 days on film, will have those pictures there for all to see. These are for sale if you wish to purchase any. With only a little more than 24 hours away from the first chute opening on another of the West's Wildest Richest Rodeo, Another Reno Rodeo Cattle drive ends.