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Reno Rodeo Sponsors

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Local-sponsorships are still available:Price: $7,500 (if the business includes our event in their advertising). Sponsorship includes the following:

  • Full page color ad in our award winning annual magazine (considered best among North American rodeo publications by Cope Skoal);
  • 3 x 10 banner in arena in all performances;
  • 3 x 5 flag (carried by flag girl at least once during each performance);
  • 10 passes to sponsors lounge per Performance, either 10 seat box or 8 seat box or 15 reserved seats (dependent on availability);
  • Miscellaneous undefined perks;

Chute Gate / Event Sponsorships: There are 2 businesses on the waiting list for next year, first come, first serve. The Chute Gate Event Sponsorship is , Currently $15,000. Price at time of contract is locked for three years. You can be locked into a current price with a waiting list sign up (available to the first four only).

There are two positions left on our video replay boards. These high tech giant screens attract considerable attention, Price: $7,500; includes back lighted advertisement on one side of replay board screens; and minimum three (3) thirty second (30) television-type commercials at each performance