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Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping

Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping $804,000.00 CASH PAYOUT Tuesday June 25, 2002 Reno Livestock Events Center

$100,000.00 CASH TO BE DONATED to selected charities such as the Marvin Picollo School and Western Wishes Produced by: PDL Rodeo Enterprises, LLC (Perry Di Loreto) in conjunction with the Reno Rodeo Association.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2001 Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping. Because of the outstanding cooperation, enthusiasm and shared love of the sport the 2001 event was a smashing success!! For those of you who did not compete, here's an update of how things went. Our cash payout was $390,000. The money was pretty well spread around and we've got some new ideas (see the 2002 proposed payout) on how to "spread" the $$$$$ around even more. We would like to express our congratulations (envious of course) to the 2001 winners Gene Wood and Tom Mullins. Total cash payoff for this winning team was $95,000.00. Not bad for a day of fun!

To bring new meaning and motivation to our event we added the "Selected Charities". Not only did we meet our goal of donating $35,000.00 plus to those charities, the stories and memories that were created for the "special kids" at the Marvin Picollo School and for Kasey McCallister (the Western Wishes Recipient) are priceless. Jake Barns spent an entire afternoon with Kasey teaching him to throw a head loop! On to the 2002 Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping Event! This event will be a 1-day event and limited to 250 teams. Entry Fees are $4000.00 per team ($2000.00 per man) and the Cash Payoff is ($804,000.00 plus prizes). ANYONE who cathches 3 steers get a run at the 4 steer (time doesn't matter!) Between Go's and the Average's there will be 73 ways to receive a check. In 2002 we will be contributing $100,000.00 to charity from this event. We look forward to an even more exciting event in 2002!


RULE #1 ***- The team that wins the 4 steer average (pays $80,000.00 per man) will be limited to those winnings. No Go-round monies will be paid to the average winners. If the average winners also place in the Go-rounds or Short round, the money and prizes will be paid to the next in order. So, simply put, the team that wins the roping will be limited to 1st place average money and prizes.


RULE #2 - All teams that DO NOT otherwise earn a check at the roping will be put into a random draw at the end. The winning team of this random draw will receive their entry fees back ($4,000.00). Yes! You can win at this roping even if you don't catch. Law of average says there may be 180 teams in the draw. Buckles will be awarded to the winners of each Go-round (Not the short round). ***You must be present for the drawing to be held at the awards presentations in order to win.

For all teams, it is important to note that as a part of our efforts to "smooth" the numbers, you will need to go to and participate in some ropings so that your "roping skills" can be recognized and assessed. We will NOT accept USTRC Classification alone! With this much money up, we will working very hard to manage and level the playing field.