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Special Kids Rodeo

The Special Kids Rodeo (SKR) may not be one of the better known events in the Reno Rodeo, but if you’re looking for a Reno Rodeo Association Member or Volunteer while this event is taking place, that’s probably where you’re going to find him/her. In 1983, PRCA Cowboys, wanted to give something back to the communities in which they performed. Out of this desire came the Exceptional Kids Rodeo, which pairs children who have special needs with rodeo cowboys. The Reno Rodeo was one of the first Rodeos to introduce this event to rodeo fans in 1983, and it continues today as SKR. This year SKR will take place immediately prior to the regular performance of the Reno Rodeo on Sunday, June 22nd and Tuesday June 24th, at 6:00 p.m.


SKR is an event for children who may be mentally or physically challenged. The intent of the Reno Rodeo Association and its members is to give these children, who may not otherwise be able to, the opportunity to interact with animals they would see perform in the rodeo as well as rope and ride mechanical bulls and horses. Read the news. During the SKR performance, all of the children, which normally consists of approximately 25 to 30 children each performance, are assisted (as needed) into the rodeo arena by volunteers of the Reno Rodeo Association. While in the arena, the children are given the opportunity to ride and touch horses, rope dummy steers, ride bucking broncs(suspended barrels with saddles and controlled by rodeo volunteers), rope goats and ride in horse drawn carriages.


To make this event a memorable one for the participants, each child is given items that they would associate with cowboys and rodeos, such as, cowboy hats, handkerchiefs, ropes, badges, etc. While SKR is put on by the Reno Rodeo Association and it’s many volunteers, it requires the generosity of the community to make it really successful. McDonald’s Restaurants has been a long time sponsor of SKR and continues to be this year.